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Reach out & let’s talk about your story.
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We believe that our element zero has reached the necessary wit and only that which inspires integrity and enriches the soul can give rise to true expression.

Zero Distance is our way of interacting with the creators, educators and startups, working with them from as early as concept design through to the delivery of their projects/stories and beyond into the support of their new productions and services. It’s about the collaboration and approach; about being upfront and open.

Over the last twenty+ years I had the great pleasure of Broadcasting the Inspiration of these amazingly talented creators, artists, startups, and authors.

Frank Beddor, Author, Producer (Something about Mary, The Looking Glass Wars)
Watch The Mayor, Francis Della Vecchia for Mayor of Los Angeles
Massimo Zamboni, Musician (CCCP, CSI)
Ben Edelberg (Paramount Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Giuseppe ‘Cammo’ Camuncoli, Visual Storyteller (Marvel)
Mike Roberts, Computer Engeneer (PARC)
Constructive Labs, Virtual Reality, Immersive Content Engine
Cheb I Sabbah, Musician, DJ (Six Degrees Records)
Matteo Casali, Writer (DC Comics)
John Dickson, Composer
Burning Man
International School of Comics, Reggio Emilia
Flavio Kampah, Artist, Director (Kampah Vision, Sky TV)
Timothy Linh Bui, Director (Green Dragon, Three Season)
Electric Skychurch, Band
Marco Carlucci, Director (Prima Film, Cinecittà Roma)
Debbie Metanopoulos, Actress
The Learning Party, Multi-dimensional Event
Jin Patisserie, Pastry Boutique & Tea Garden, Venice Beach
PURP7E, Clothing Company, Los Angeles
IAALL, International Academy Of Architectural Landscape Lighting
Lotus Magazine, Electronic Dance Music
Monica Salvarani, Artist Bluebook2000
Method Studios, Visual Effect
Andre Kholer, Artist Designer
Squamificio, Structural Elements System
Fabio Mascio, Traktor Vision
Alex Bisarello, I’m Present
ReFoto, Photography Consortium
Agape Organic Dance Theatre Group
Alessandro Vezzani, Director of Photography
Nicoas Luciani, Designer Shoemaker
Jason Kheen, Writer, Storyteller
Gianluca Galtrucco, Photographer
Mo Stoebe, Filmmaker
Vivica Menegaz, Photographer
Adrian Frampton, Cabinetry
The Cutting Room, Post-Production House, Venice Beach
Alexandra Balahoutis, Botanical Perfumer, Strange Invisible Perfumes
Autumn Hruby, Photographer
Cyber Octave Music, Music Records label
Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi, Actor, Producers (One Last Dance)
Grass Roots Venice neighborhood council
Air 01, Internet Radio
Lotus Magazine, Electronic Music magazine
LAFCO, Los Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative
Studio Lobo, Communication
Karl List, Fitness Training Program
Air 01, Internet Radio & Photography
Cat Jimenez, Photographer
Partners Direct, Direct Response Television
Spartan Entertainment, Home Entertainment
The DND, Info-Educational Project
Capivara Imports, Brazilian Import Company
Urban Domain, Home Entertainment
Leslie Sungail, Photographer, Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council