Støries are the signal within the nøise.
teaching cannot forget beauty.

[Creators] NPO, Public School, Education Projects
[Project] Noise Stories
[Story] Immersive Storytelling Workshop series

We found an effective way to give back to the community. Relocated to Italy for a couple of years we were able to design and organize a series of innovative workshops with schools and education projects. Set in inspiring different contests, the workshop aimed to shape into the existing program and take it to a different level. The fusion of new media and traditional creative expression empowered the students’ imagination and manufactured a sequence of great stories.

This unique format opened with an original deck of card facilitating the students in finding their role and place in mapping the story activating their ability to transform shreds of evidence and traces in amazing stories.

Noise Card Deck

“Everything started in Los Angeles, attending our friends graduation day at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design. We were astonished and very inspired by the quality of the students creations and we committed to engage and challenge their creativity in the new & upcoming LA digital arena.
The next summer we launched Khoreia, Fest of Digital Culture |
We designed a Festival/Workshop series layout forming a team of artists/professionals to share our vision with young creatives. Khoreia became quickly a popular social event and an experimental collective storytelling gathering ran by the core of digital visionaries and innovators cooperating each time on a specific theme.” __by Judith Lewis. LA Weekly

After a few successful years, we transfigured the format giving birth to Nøise, Immersive Storytelling Workshop series.