Create Your Own Reality. It’s a startling immersive experience.
There’s something there I’ve never felt before. it’s like that 60 seconds of free fall on your first skydiving drop.

[Creator] Mike Roberts, Computer Scientist
[Project] Constructive Labs
[Story] Create Your Own Reality, VR Original Content

The creative collaboration with computer engineer Mike Roberts goes way back to the late 90s in fertile Los Angeles. Back then we were working on a variety of new media projects. In 2016 a common friend put us back together claiming that we should’ve worked together on the new Mike’s mission. And suddenly happened.

Virtual Reality original content: storyboard

The Constructive Labs Immersive Content Engine is a complete Virtual Reality platform for creative content development. I was hired as a Creative Director to develop original Virtual Reality content but also the company’s Visual ID.

Create Your Own Reality


The flower is sealed. You are inside of it and it’s all very dark. You can see some lights from the translucence of the petals. Your left hand is not visible and the right one has transformed into a crystal tetrahedron. Surrounded by the calming sound of water you realize you’re floating.

While instinctively moving your tetrahedron-hand looking for something to happen suddenly the crown of the flower cracks open and the nine petals slide quietly inward allowing the light to enter the chamber. It’s a beam of green light and, looking down, you see you’re suspended in the middle of the space.

The tetrahedron then departs from your hand and fluctuating in front of you begins to transmute into a giant origami hummingbird. You nod and turn around to see what’s going on. The sound of an alien’s birth fills the room.
The flower now is completely open and you’re standing still in a place that grows into a magnificent origami landscape bursting with origami flowers and plants.
The hummingbird then hovers atop and starts talking to you in a language you can actually recognize. It’s the keeper.
Your journey has begun.

This Tale will continue