Your journey begins here.
You are the light & its shadow, absolute potential & nothing, the primitive & formless base of all matter similar to chaos.

[Creator] Lazzaro
[Project] Arcana.City
[Story] Seeds of Light Broadcast in the Chaos

Before the Zero, the Elements

It all began with a preparatory drawing depicting my mother Ada. She had a deep expression and one hand supporting her face and I had twenty kilograms of clay given to me by my mentor and friend, master Giancarlo Ferrari.
After seeing my first oil paintings, Giancarlo literally told me: “This stuff is shit. Nonetheless, looking at it from a different angle reveals your drawing and graphic skills. Just stop coloring canvases and play with this one.”
Giancarlo certainly encouraged me to have a totally different approach to expressing my emotions and thoughts. Sculpting is a work of strength and perseverance but pays off like nothing I’d tackled before.

The Art of Sculpting

Oh man, my initial few years I churned out an incredible amount of terracotta pieces. I didn’t know where to put them and how to enjoy their bulky presence thus I decided to place my artwork clearly visible out on the porch so people could actually grab them and take them home as I was ‘spying’ from the window’s curtains to witness their reaction.

Sculptura, Flash Animation

After collaborating with mosaic artist Giuliano Melioli of Tarsie Studio and with Mexican artist Manuel Villatoro Garza, I embarked on a long journey working on ‘rejected’ materials that lead me to frequent the city’s junkyard in search of objects and forms to be recovered. With this technique, my sculptures are soon noticed by the folks of the art industry.

This Tale will continue