A Visual Journey into Element-Zero Dreamscape breaking new ground from 1998 to 2005

[Creator] Element-Zero 1.0
[Project] Element-Zero Dreamscape
[Story] A territory continuously transforming beneath its own map

Motion Flash Animation web project and Online Community from 1999 to 2006, Los Angeles.
Award: Best Art Flash design and development by Flash Forward®, New York City, 2004

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A few words from our Cinnamon Twist (aka Jason Kheen)

Element-zero specializes in conceptual design for the web.
We help you to conceive and re-conceive your project, company, organization from the point of view of a world that is coming into being.
It goes deeper than a simply projected public image, it touches on how a company sees itself and its place in a rapidly changing cultural, technological and business environment.
And in order to conceive from the point of view of what does not yet exist, it requires imagination. DIGITAL SOUL.

The pioneers who chart the limits and possibilities of this new medium – who shape it and direct its evolution – will be those endowed with imagination. The ability to see what does not yet exist. What lies in potential, dormant. To invent, to reconceive, to revalue.
While the Web is already revolutionary, Lazzaro brings the elements of sound, vision and interactivity into a higher, more elegant cohesion that opens limitless horizons for artistic expression and cultural innovation.

Element-Zero fully expects pop culture to migrate overnight to this medium, bringing everything we already know-pop music, cartoons, soundtracks, games, ads, music videos, light shows – combining and recombining until the sum is sure to be greater than the parts. Element-zero specializes in imaginative design for new media. We bring texture to the intangible. Taste to what cannot be tasted. The feel in ‘look and feel’. Flash animation, site architecture, navigation, user experience, interface design-these are the focal points of Element-Zero. For projects and businesses looking to stand out, to redefine themselves, and to define the new digital landscape, Element-Zero is the place to start. Imagining not just a look, but a presence.

A way of being in digital space.