- the ability to see what does not yet exist. -

“You have your brush and your colors, paint paradise and in you go.”

As a native Sculptor, I did not ponder the importance of Storytelling till the mid-90s when relocating to Venice Beach from an Italian small town, the Digital Revolution hit me hard.
While learning and practicing the Art of Sculpture I believed that the Storytelling was simply embedded in. Every stroke of my tool, every squeeze of my hand, every trip to the junkyard was aimed to uncover stories implanted in a wood log, in a block of clay or within an unused object to be revived in my creation. I couldn’t disengage my artwork from its narrative. And it’s still the same after 20+ years – but in a different way.

The advent of innovative digital tools hooked me instantly. In 1998, within a matter of weeks, I was abducted in front of my first personal computer (courtesy of my friend Adrian that awarded me with the original iMac G3 just out of Cupertino). Thanks to the milky blue new instrument and the Internet, my production focused on motion graphics and digital videos along with the design and architecture of beautifully animated websites.

The sophistication of this creative challenge, known as ‘multimedia’, had a profound impact on how I craft my Visual Storytelling today. I’m an artist and I approach a digital creation the same way I would approach a powerful chunk of Carrara marble. Nonetheless, the Internet has drastically changed how we tell stories.
And so, did I.

From drawings in caves to petroglyphs, the earliest forms of storytelling were visual. Visual Storytelling has always worked for almost any kind of audience since ages but in our Digital Age, it’s working like never before.
Yours, Lazzaro

Know Naught!
All ways are lawful to Innocence.
Pure folly is the Key to Initiation.
Silence breaks into Rapture.
Be neither man nor woman, but both in one.
Be silent, Babe in the Egg of Blue, that thou mayest grow to bear the Lance and Graal!
Wander alone, and sing! In the King’s Palace, his daughter awaits thee.

Atu O — The Fool