Noise Stories

Multi-disciplined Experience


Studio Azzurro is a well-known Milan-based art collective, exploring the poetic and expressive possibilities of new technological languages since 1982. We worked jointly to produce a Nonlinear Immersive Storytelling Experience aimed to unlock young people and students' imagination, and get a firm grasp on creative visual thinking while taking part in shaping a unique collective story.




Creative direction and conceptual design to producing multi-disciplined immersive workshop for NPO and Art Schools.

Create video environments, interactive spaces, and produced performing art events.

Made-for-online creative content with students' artwork.

Design interactive website experiences via visual storytelling and innovative video.

Creative Process

Conceptual Design


Stories are the signal within the Noise

In the beginning, our research focused on creating video environments, in which digital image and physical background play together to emphasize the role of the spectator and the pathway they take through the installation.

The workshop combines project work, mentoring, analog prototyping, experience design, emerging creative technologies and collaborative methods to create a dynamic hands-on immersive environment.



The Ideal Park

The choreography was designed to welcome personal traits into a shared representation involving the community. It was challenging at first then it turned to be very inspiring. Young people came from different backgrounds and social environs.

The solution that made everyone working together came after I established a physical space for each of them, inviting them to form their own characters with gestures and actions.

Kinetipark is a collective production of an interactive and multimedia event where, through the physical exploration of signs, images, characters, space, gestures, and movement, it will lead the public in an inventive and collaborative process of storytelling.

Interactive Web Platform


Interactive Storytelling

The website was designed to provide our learners and students all the inputs and necessary digital material so they could interact with each other between the workshop sessions. The framework of interactive storytelling is different from the conventional linear story. The innovative project's format employs a composition's technique (story mapping) made up of physical shreds of evidence and digital clues.

We built a web platform to engage students' activity, to encourage them to investigate the proposed data by observing its evocative meaning and by relating them to each other to pre-visualize the process