Looking Glass Wars

Automatic Pictures

Los Angeles

I worked together with producer, literary sleuth and world creator Frank Beddor (There's Something About Mary) to expose the true story of Wonderland concealed in his trilogy books 'The Looking Glass Wars'.




Creative direction and conceptual design to convert a bestselling novel into a digital product.

Made-for-online creative branded content.

Design interactive website experiences via visual storytelling and innovative video animation.

Create an animation series for 'Hatter M' comic books.

Produce and deliver some of the earliest book trailers on the Amazon platform.

Creative Process

Website Design & Development


Marketing a book online

Frank Beddor has a fervid and visionary imagination and he produced a very large amount of artwork collaborating with concept illustrator and comic book artists. The challenge was to convey all these amazing material into a digital format.

We decided to create a particularly cinematic HTML website filled with trailers, animations and featurettes. The menu navigation itself was animated, and designed around the LGW logo depicting playing card symbols.

UI/UX was created as a visual journey where videos and animation could lead the user into the books' fictional characters and their personality.


Animated Worlds



To communicate the intensity of the character's portrayal I chose to script and storyboard stories that would animate the artists' illustration. Next, we created the graphics, sound design, and voice over that would ultimately bring them to life.

It was an experimental approach since at the time the internet connection wasn't advanced as it is today. Adobe Flash gave us the opportunity to encode the final product to match the broadband requirements and its limits.

From this point forward, the entire LGW marketing communication was based on motion graphics. When Frank decided to publish the trilogy on amazon.com we were pioneering some of the first online book trailer.